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4 Cheap And Easy Tips For Owning A Computer

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Computers are supposed to make life easier, but sometimes it seems they exist simply to cause frustration. Whether it’s because your laptop keeps overheating or the cat keeps getting tangled in cords, computers sometimes seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. Here are some easy and cheap tricks to make owning a computer easier on your sanity and your budget. Laptop Cooling It’s no secret that laptops get hot. You can go and purchase cooling pads, stands, and fans if you want. Or you can simply go and buy a flat of eggs. Once it’s empty, simply set your laptop on top of the carton the eggs were in. The spaces allow air to flow easily under and around your laptop, helping keep it cool without costing you a small fortune. Keep Toilet Paper Tubes All those toilet paper tubes that end up filling your trashcan can actually come in handy when you’re storing old cords. Have a few power cords or extra Ethernet cables stored in a bag? Instead of storing them in a bag where they inevitably will tie themselves into knots, store each cord in a toilet paper tube. The tubes can be set upright in a box and you’ll easily be able to see exactly what kind of cords you have and grab one as needed easily. Binder Clips are Friends Binder clips are useful for many things besides simply holding papers together. If you have a few cords that you plug in and out regularly, like your USB cable or headphones, line up some binder clips along the edge of your desk. Draw the cord through the clip and plug it into your computer. When you’re done and want to unplug it, simply let the largest part rest against the smallest part of the clip’s handle. Your cord will stay in place right on the edge of your desk so you don’t have to go chasing after it. Use a Sticky Note to Clean Sticky notes are useful little things. You can stick them to your monitor with an appointment reminder, on your phone to remind you to call someone, or even on your co-worker’s forehead to remind them to send you that email. Before you throw those sticky notes away, run the edge with the glue in between the keys of your keyboard. Crumbs and fuzz will get stuck, helping keep your keyboard working smoothly. These cheap and easy tips should help you make having a computer just a little bit easier. You can contact Geek City or another local computer expert to help solve other problems you may...

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Managing Your Employee’s Emotions During The Grievance Process

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Companies must always have a plan for managing grievances. It is usually only when employees feel as if they do not have any recourse that they begin to turn to confrontation or even litigation. As a manager, your demeanor plays a crucial role in whether you are able to deescalate a situation: Listen to Your Employee Even if you do not agree with an employee, be sure that you spend sufficient time simply listening to what your employee thinks. In many cases, employees simply need to vent and want to feel like they are heard. If you spend time listening, you can then brainstorm a solution. Oftentimes, the solution itself is not as important as listening. If you aren’t entirely comfortable approaching it just yet, try contacting a company that can help you with grievance management for more information as you decide your next step. Don’t Threaten Termination Employees are less likely to express grievances if they feel that they might be terminated for doing so. While this might reduce the number of grievances in the short-term, when the employees feel that they are pushed too far, they are more likely to quit, get into confrontations with other employees or consider litigation. By following the grievance procedure, the employee should be secure in knowing that he or she is not likely to be terminated. Also, consider that if you do terminate an employee due to a grievance, other employees will likely know and will be less likely to express concerns. Have a Clear Process in Place Having a process of issuing a grievance can make a company more efficient. Without a process in place, employees are likely to complain at inopportune moments, such as when you are busy closing a deal. By having a grievance process, the employee can file the grievance and then get back to work. You can then look into the concern during a period that you schedule specifically for this purpose. Follow-Up You must not create an impression that grievances will not lead anywhere. It is unacceptable for an employee to file a grievance and not receive a response after a few months. If the process feels like a black hole for the employee, he or she is less likely to engage in the process. Follow up with the employee and consider having a face-to-face conversation about the issue to show that you are taking it seriously. If you do discover that there is a legitimate grievance, not only must you address it, but you must make it obvious to the employee that the grievance was addressed. For example, if a bullying manager is sent to a training program, inform the employee of this. To address confidentiality concerns, be sure to consult with a lawyer to determine what you can and cannot say about your manager’s...

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Keep Your Business Running By Saving Money

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Small business owners typically need to save money any way they can. Some ways you should look to save some money is the type of telephone system—like Dalton Utilities—you need, how you pay your employees, and how you invoice your customers. Use Smartphones Instead of having a traditional phone system in your company, you may want to consider smartphones. You can choose data and talk plans to suit your company, and the cost of these phones may be less expensive. The only drawback to this is they may not have a signal in all areas. This is something to consider. If your employees stay near your business, they should work fine. If they travel a lot each day, then you need to make sure there are cellular towers in the areas they travel to. You could also check with people in those areas to see if they have any problems getting a signal. Smaller towns are more likely to have this problem than larger towns and cities. Use Voice Over Internet Protocol With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can make and receive phone calls through an Internet connection, such as your computer, tablet, and smartphone.  If you decide to go with VoIP for your business, there are different ways you can place a phone call: Analog telephone adaptor (ATA): The ATA device connects a traditional phone to your computer. It is used to converts the analog signal from the phone to a digital signal and than transmits it over the Internet. Computer to Computer: There are companies you can sign up with to make computer-to-computer calls, and most of them are completely free. The only thing you need is a sound card, Internet connection, software, speakers, and a microphone. IP Phones: An IP phone looks like a traditional phone but it connects directly to your Internet connection without being connected to an ATA device. It connects directly to the Internet router, and is available in both corded and wireless. Use Debit Cards to Pay Employees Instead of printing paper checks, you can use payroll debit cards. This saves you money by not having to purchase paper, as well as using the toner in your printer. Most employees will like this much better, as they have their money immediately. Not only is this convenient for them, it is also good for the environment. Offer Your Customers Electronic Invoices If you send out monthly invoices to your customers, you should consider sending them electronically instead. When you mail them, you have to pay for the paper, envelopes, and postage stamps. It is also easier for you to organize and store the invoices, as they are on your computer. Use a Cloud Service Use a cloud service that will store your data in the cloud instead of onsite. This not only keeps your data safe, but also saves you money. For example, you will not have to purchase a backup server, as well as upgrade and maintain the server. The data is kept secure, and you can have access to it any time you want. If your small business is struggling, these things can help you save money each month. You can put the money you save back into the business to build it up and keep it...

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Beating The Bloat: How To Remove Computer Bloatware On Your New PC

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When you buy a brand new personal computer, the last thing you want is brand new problems to go with it. Unfortunately, this is something that is pretty common for new computer owners, due to the fact that most personal computers today come equipped with bloatware. Keep reading for the basics of bloatware, and how to get rid of it. Understanding and Recognizing Bloatware Bloatware is the short name for “Bloated Software.” It refers to unnecessary software that clogs up your personal computer. This software bogs down your computer’s performance and speed because it takes up a great deal of computer memory and disk space. You could even get a brand-new computer, then use it for the first time only to learn that you don’t have nearly as much memory you thought you would due to the bloatware. Some common bloatware programs include those such as: iTunes Extra toolbars Antivirus software Adobe Photoshop The definition of bloatware can actually be expanded to include any unnecessary software that you didn’t order for your computer. While some of  the programs listed above may have been presented as pre-installed selling points when you bought the computer, that doesn’t mean that you really have any use for them once you get the computer home. While you might be frustrated with the bloatware, it is fortunately something you can remove on your own. Removing Bloatware There are several different approaches you can take to bloatware. You can actually pay the computer seller to remove the bloatware from the PC before you ever take it out of the box if you want to. For example, Best Buy charges $50 for this service on their new computers. If paying to remove bloatware just isn’t in the budget right now, try one of these: Free Programs: There are several free bloatware removal programs that you can download to combat bloatware on most versions of Windows. These programs can scan your PC to find the bloatware, and then automatically uninstall it for you. Manual Uninstall: You can manually uninstall programs from your computer’s control panel. Access the “Programs” list, and then choose the “Programs and Features” option. From there, you can click on each individual program and choose the “Uninstall” option. Windows Remover: A program called “Windows 8 App Remover” may be a good solution for people running Windows 8 or higher. This program is made specifically to combat the bloatware programs (about 21 of them in Windows 8.1) that come with your new Windows 8 PC. To learn more, or if you have other questions, try contacting a company like Simplified Computers to get more...

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Video Conference Calling – Just What Businesses Were Looking For

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Digital communication technologies like VoIP video conferencing have truly revolutionized the business world. Arriving just in the nick of time – as fuel and travel costs skyrocketed from 2008 onward – video conferencing has allowed companies to stay in contact and to have the meetings that are necessary to get things done. Businesses could still communicate effectively, even if they couldn’t afford to have employees travel like they used to. The technology provided a number of advantages, making it an ideal substitution for travel and face-to-face meetings. The benefits included: Cost Savings One of the things that made VoIP so appealing originally was that it cost virtually nothing to use. When people found out they could make free phone calls over the internet, they were skeptical at first. It would take standardization and improved user interface through services like Skype before the average user could take full advantage of it. Contrast that to today, where mobile users are employing mobile VoIP – or mVoIP – to make video calls on their handheld devices. And the cost remains negligible, as long as one has a fast enough connection. Scalability Businesses are always in need to products that can scale with growth. If a company takes off, doubles its workforce in two years, etc., will it still be able to employ the technology? The answer for video conferencing is a resounding “Yes.” Companies can host meetings with as many participants as they like. This has also trickled down to the consumer market, with today’s mobile users able to host their own form of video conferences between friends. Whether it is between two people or 30, the tech scales incredibly well. Realistic, More Effective Communication One of the reasons that regular conference calls never took over the face-to-face meeting was that human interaction is about far more than what is being said. Body language makes up a considerable amount of how people communicate, and phone conversations never were able to overcome this problem. Video conferencing makes communication much easier, because those using it can see facial expressions and body language as they talk. This is not to say that video communications are a full substitution for an in-person conversation, because they aren’t. There are still times when meeting in person is both desirable and necessary. But video communication solutions are worlds better than the old telephone conference call. Companies will continue to take advantage of this technology, even if travel becomes more affordable in the...

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Repairing A Tablet After Creative Hacking Accidents

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As computers such as desktops, laptops and notebooks become more available, more people may be tempted to hack, mod (modify) or improve upon their device’s functions. Unfortunately, these attempts at creative tinkering can result in complete, seemingly irreversible failure. If you or someone using your computer has ruined the system beyond simple repair, consider a few troubleshooting techniques. Observe The Problem Carefully There are times when a broken tablet is simply changed from its standard working settings. You may be dealing with a stuck loading screen, a blank screen or even something that resembles your tablet, but with many missing features.  Missing information and features If your tablet looks different, but lacks some of your personal files, stop immediately. Your tablet isn’t broken. While trying to hack or modify the system, you may have deleted your personal files and returned to the out-of-the-box setting, also known as factory default. Your data may be lost permanently, but a tablet repair technician can use a few deep industry techniques in order to recover your information. Stuck at loading screen If you’re stuck at a loading screen, your attempts at modifying the system may have caused a problem in the most important files that your tablet needs to start up. Thankfully, a factory reset can get your system up and running. A factory reset usually consists of holding down a specific button or set of buttons in order to bring the tablet back to life. Look up the factory reset for your specific tablet. For your specific problem, try to find information about resetting when the tablet won’t load. Black screen or screen won’t turn on When you try to turn on the tablet, you may notice no change at all or the presence of a backlight on a black screen. Make sure that the device is charged and able to take a charge. The device may have lost battery power while being worked on for a long time, or the charger port may have been damaged. Try using a different battery, charger or plugging up the tablet to another wall socket. Broken Hardware Could Be The Culprit If you were trying to make physical changes–also known as hard-modding–to your tablet, there may be damaged or dislodged parts in the system. Many hard-modding projects involve removing the case for the tablet and adding a new part or removing a specific part. Tablet computers are very small, and there are specific ribbons and wires that can be missed by a person who has not been trained to understand computer assembly. Look for the guide that you used to make the changes and follow it verbatim. Look for anything that could have become loose or broken during the process, but avoid trying to fix any mistakes. As the guide explains how to put the system back together, follow every detail to the letter. If you’re missing something, make sure that you’re working on the correct model for the guide and consult other reassembly guides. For assistance with tough tablet problems, contact a tablet repair...

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Benefits Of Bundling Your Cable Internet

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If you’re looking for a new Internet provider, you’ll have several things to consider. You want to know that you are going with an Internet provider known for offering reliable and fast Internet connections in the area where you’ll be having the service set up. You also want to make sure you’re going with service you find to be affordable. When you are thinking of switching to a new Internet provider you may find a bundle works the best for you. The benefits of bundling your Internet service include: Going with a company you trust If you already have your television and phone with a company and you’re happy with the services, then it only makes sense to add in Internet services as well. This way, you are familiar with the company and already know that they offer good service. When you go with an unknown company there is always the chance that you aren’t going to be satisfied with the services or the company itself. Cable Internet bundles provide you with a stable connection you can count on to run fast and is known for being great for such things as gaming and streaming movies and videos. Technical support you can depend on When you bundle your services, you’ll be able to call one company when you have technical issues you need assistance with. If you already have this company for any of your services and have found them to offer good assistance, then you’ll feel better having your other services with them as well. You’ll know how reliable, thorough, and timely they are about dealing with technical issues when they do come up. Save money on your bills When you bundle your Internet with other services you’ll be able to pay those bills together. Along with simplifying your bills, bundling your services together will save you money. In fact, this is one of the biggest benefits of bundling. Instead of paying a total of three activation fees on your TV, phone and Internet, you will only have to pay one. Also, instead of paying three normal bills, you will pay one bill that will be reduced in the bundle. The reduction in price is one of the most known benefits of bundling multiple services together. When you bundle your Internet with your other services you’ll find that it makes things a lot easier for you in many ways. There are also a lot of promotions going on when you bundle that can lead to more savings and extra...

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3 Good Reasons To Buy Instagram Shoutouts

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Have you recently created an Instagram account to show off your talent? Whether you’re getting involved in modeling, trying to sell a product, or showing off your nail art skills, Instagram is a fantastic outlet for showing what you’re passionate about through pictures instead of just words. If you’ve just created your account, you may not have a huge following, but you can gain more followers by buying shoutouts on the social media website. 3 Reasons Buying Instagram Shoutouts Can Work in Your Favor Now that you’ve opened an account on Instagram, you can start uploading the pictures that you want the world to see. Once you feel like you’ve got a good start, you can buy some shoutouts for these good reasons: Hundreds and thousands of different people from across the globe will see them. After buying shoutouts, real people with Instagram accounts will show love and pay respect to your page. They can write a nice message about what it is that you do, such as modeling, photography, or nail art, and then tag you in their shoutout. When their followers see what they’ve written, they’ll likely take a look at your Instagram page and choose to follow you too. The number of people following you should continue to increase daily from that point forward.   You can start gaining followers who are interested in your specific niche. You can choose to have your shoutouts targeted. For example, if you’re someone who loves painting and designing nails, the people who give you the shoutouts may have similar accounts with followers who love everything about nails and nail art. Those people giving you the shoutouts will have a large following. If people are already following them because they’re interested in nail art, they’ll likely follow you as well.   More opportunities may be made available to you when the right people see your page. As different people begin to follow you, the opportunities made available to you may continue to increase. If you’re trying to sell products, you may start to make more sales because all of your followers will see what you’re offering and may start buying. If you’re posting photos of yourself from photo shoots, other photographers may fall in love with your look and want to shoot pictures of you too. More doors may start to open for you as your popularity begins to surge on Instagram. After creating an account, you may feel like it’ll take forever to get an ideal number of followers. Instead of hoping that people will start to follow you, you can buy Instagram shoutouts instead. Real people will say positive things about you on their real account, which may possibly lead to thousands of new followers on your account, along with dozens of new opportunities and...

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