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What Every Plumber Should Have

A career as a self-employed plumber can be very lucrative, especially if you build a regular customer base. The best way to build a good reputation as a plumber is to gain the trust of customers, such as be being reliable. You must also make sure you are able to provide plumbing services that are exceptional, such as by using the right kind of equipment. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the equipment types that will come in handy as you begin offering plumbing services.

1. Cleaning Drain Lines Out

Sometimes the only service that your customers will need is for their drain lines to be cleaned out. Although it is possible for customers to buy their own drain cleaning products, they might not be powerful enough. You must make sure that you have commercial drain cleaning products to use when necessary. For example, you can purchase commercial snakes that have a lot more power than the ones that homeowners usually buy in stores. Commercial snakes are able to break through grease and other types of debris better than regular snakes.

2. Pushing Touch Debris Out of Pipes

Sometimes commercial drain cleaning tools and liquid products are not even enough to clean drain lines out. In such a case, you must use powerful equipment that can push the debris out. Make sure that you invest in a pump that can be used for servicing customers. The pumps are available in many models, so purchase one that is as powerful as possible. You want the pump to have the ability to push out rodent carcasses if it becomes necessary, which is highly likely if a customer has a rodent infestation.

3. Efficiently Inspecting Sewer Lines

When it comes to doing an inspection of the sewer lines for customers, it is important to perform the task in an efficient manner. For example, it is wise for you to try to avoid excavating the ground to inspect main sewer lines. You should invest in an articulating borescope for the task, which is basically a camera that can be placed inside of a sewer line. The cameras are available in different types, and some of them are able to record video footage, as well as capture photographs of the inside of sewer lines. You will then be able to avoid excavating the ground when making repairs, unless you have to manually access a pipe to replace or repair it. Contact a company like USA Borescopes for more info.

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Travel For A Living? 4 Tips To Protect Your Home While You’re Away

If you travel for a living, you need to make sure that your home is protected against burglary. You might not realize this, but burglars often canvass neighborhoods looking for homes that are empty. If you’re not home very often, your home might become an easy target. The first thing you need to do is install a home security system. A security system will make your home less appealing to burglars, especially if you place security stickers and placards around your property. In addition to your security system, here are four other steps you can take to protect your home while you’re away.

Request a Police Inspection

It can be difficult to identify the danger zones in your home. That’s where a police inspection comes in handy. Talk to your local police department and ask them to conduct a walk-thru inspection of your home. They’ll be able to identify security risks on your property. They can also provide you with the information you’ll need to organize a neighborhood watch group. These neighborhood watch groups are often the eyes and ears for local law enforcement when it comes to identifying possible residential burglaries.

Hold a Mock Burglary

You might think that you’ve hidden your valuables properly. However, that’s not always the case. You may still have valuables out that could become easy targets for burglars. To identify those problem areas, invite a close friend to conduct a mock burglary of your home. Hide your valuables, and then ask a friend to walk through your home for a few minutes. Have them find as many valuables as they can in about 15-minutes. Once they’re done, you’ll know which of your belongings will need to be better hidden.

Reduce Hiding Places

If you have bushes growing under your windows, you’re providing the perfect hiding places for burglars. Many burglars will use the bushes as a hiding place as they break into your home. To protect your home, either remove the shrubbery or trim it away from your home.

Increase Your Lighting

If your porch lights are the only lighting you have in your yard, you need to add more. Adding accent lighting along your walkways and under your windows will deter burglars from selecting your home. If you’re not sure where to place the lighting, walk around your home at night and identify all the areas where you could hide. Those are the areas where you should add lighting.

Don’t take chances with your home’s security. Use the tips provided here to keep your home and your personal belongings safe while you’re away.

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Is Your Computer Ready For Gaming?

There are a lot of computers competing for attention, but for something as specific and demanding as computer gaming, you’ll need to make sure that all of your computer parts are ready for the current and next generation of games. To understand what you need and to help avoid shopping mistakes when looking through well-marketed computers and services, here’s a bit of info about gaming computers and computing in general.

What Is A Gaming Computer?

The answer is a lot more complicated than “a computer that plays games.” 

Gaming computers are specifically designed to handle the demands of high-definition, complex and file-rich applications/programs known as computer games. In addition to playing games, experienced gamers expect to be able to perform other functions while games are open.

Since games are simply programs that deliver a playable interface in the form of the game, you’ll need to support the programs using the same resources as any other program. The processor needs to be fast enough to calculate everything that the program does, there needs to be enough hard drive space to hold the large files in the game, and the random-access memory (RAM) needs to be both fast enough and with enough capacity to transfer information between the hard drive and the processor.

Put simply, you need a fast processor, a big, fast hard drive and a decent amount of fast RAM. How much is fast enough or big enough? Thankfully, you don’t need to calculate, since most games have system requirements that give a general idea of what gamers need to play their games. The online game Rift, for example, recommends 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory, a 2.2 gigahertz (GHz) dual core processor and at least 15 GB of storage drive space.

There is one requirement that sets gaming computers apart from other computers: the video card.

The Video Card Makes The Difference

A video card or graphics card is basically a miniature computer dedicated to just graphics. It has a processor called a graphics processing unit (GPU) as opposed to the main computer’s processor, the central processing unit (CPU).

Both the computer’s general resources and the video card share the burden of a game’s performance, though more sophisticated and modern computers are able to heap most of the burden onto the video card. The reason that most high-demand games won’t play on a powerful computer game with everything but a video card is because of specific instructions in a game that can only be interpreted (understood and made into action) by a video card, such as a shader instruction set. 

If you happen to have a modern computer that has all of the other resources needed for your game of choice except a video card, simply get a video card that fits your computer. If you need help selecting a card, upgrading other parts of your computer, or want information on getting a dedicated gaming computer ready for current or upcoming games, contact a residential computer services expert. 

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Working With Printed Circuit Boards

Tinkering with technology and pcb manufacturer parts can be exciting, but it can also be a little intimidating once you see the seemingly delicate circuit boards that are incorporated into the design of most electronic devices. Printed circuit boards are not nearly as delicate as they might appear to be, so working with these boards can be beneficial when you are trying to learn how to design and repair your technological devices.

Here are three tips that you can use to help you more successfully work with printed circuit boards in the future.

1. Be methodical when it comes to keeping your work space organized.

Working with printed circuit boards requires that you have access to many small parts and solder joins. A lot of the perceived difficulty that comes from working with printed circuit boards is centered around keeping track of these small accessories.

By taking the time to be methodical in organizing your workspace, you will be able to keep your printed circuit board parts neat and tidy. This will help you feel less overwhelmed as you work to put together the circuit boards in the future.

2. Keep your printed circuit boards clean.

Whenever you work with electronics, it’s important that you are taking the time to keep your circuit boards clean. This usually requires you to expose your circuit boards to a cleaning solution before and after you populate them with the appropriate components.

Using some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab prior to population will help you keep the copper base of your printed circuit board clean and ready for soldering. Scrubbing your printed circuit boards gently with alcohol and a toothbrush after population and soldering will help you remove any excess joins that might affect the functionality of your circuit boards.

3. Install your low-lying components first.

It can be helpful to plan out the order in which you will populate your printed circuit board with its various components before the installation process begins. Components have varying heights, and circuit boards can quickly become crowded during installation.

By installing the low-lying components before you move on to the taller and bigger components, you ensure that you won’t have to work hard to place low-lying components in tight spaces.

Understanding how to work with printed circuit boards can make it easier to work with your electronic devices in the future. Be sure to stay organized, keep your circuit boards clean, and plan out your installation to make working with circuit boards as simple as possible.

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3 Window Treatment Options to Protect Your Family from Storm Damage

High winds and debris that accompany heavy storms can be a danger to your family and cause significant damage to your home if you are not prepared. To ensure your family is safe and your home has the right protection, you may want to consider improvements like storm shutters, hurricane windows, or storm windows to prevent damage. Here are some of the window treatment options you may want to consider to give your home more protection from storms.  

1. Simple Window Films That Can Prevent Shattered Glass 

Window films can be a great addition to your glass. They can help improve the energy efficiency of old glass and reduce glare from direct sunlight. Not only do films have energy efficiency benefits, but they can also add storm protection to your home. Because the film is a type of laminate that is installed on the glass, your windows will become shatter resistant. The amount of resistance that the glass will have depends on the thickness of the film. You may want to talk with the installer about using a thicker film for more protection.

2. Storm Shutters That Can Cover and Protect Your Windows

If you want to have the most protection from storms and high winds, then you may want to consider installing shutters on your home. These can be classical shutters that are functional and can be used to cover the windows during storms. There are also modern solutions like roll up shutters, which can be motorized to roll up and down at the push of a button. You will be able to use the roll up shutters whenever you want for privacy and to control natural lighting.

3. Hurricane and Storm Windows To Protect Your Home From High Winds and Debris

There are many different types windows that you can have installed to protect your home from storms. One option is hurricane windows, which are specially designed to protect from high winds and storms. There are also storm windows, which are lighter windows that are installed outside the existing windows to add an extra layer of protection and insulation to your home.

These are some of the window treatment options that you may want to consider to give your home more protection from storms. If you are worried about storms being a danger to your family or causing damage to your home, contact a shutter installer to help with adding protection to your home. 

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