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4 Cheap And Easy Tips For Owning A Computer

Computers are supposed to make life easier, but sometimes it seems they exist simply to cause frustration. Whether it’s because your laptop keeps overheating or the cat keeps getting tangled in cords, computers sometimes seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. Here are some easy and cheap tricks to make owning a computer easier on your sanity and your budget.

Laptop Cooling

It’s no secret that laptops get hot. You can go and purchase cooling pads, stands, and fans if you want. Or you can simply go and buy a flat of eggs. Once it’s empty, simply set your laptop on top of the carton the eggs were in. The spaces allow air to flow easily under and around your laptop, helping keep it cool without costing you a small fortune.

Keep Toilet Paper Tubes

All those toilet paper tubes that end up filling your trashcan can actually come in handy when you’re storing old cords. Have a few power cords or extra Ethernet cables stored in a bag? Instead of storing them in a bag where they inevitably will tie themselves into knots, store each cord in a toilet paper tube. The tubes can be set upright in a box and you’ll easily be able to see exactly what kind of cords you have and grab one as needed easily.

Binder Clips are Friends

Binder clips are useful for many things besides simply holding papers together. If you have a few cords that you plug in and out regularly, like your USB cable or headphones, line up some binder clips along the edge of your desk. Draw the cord through the clip and plug it into your computer. When you’re done and want to unplug it, simply let the largest part rest against the smallest part of the clip’s handle. Your cord will stay in place right on the edge of your desk so you don’t have to go chasing after it.

Use a Sticky Note to Clean

Sticky notes are useful little things. You can stick them to your monitor with an appointment reminder, on your phone to remind you to call someone, or even on your co-worker’s forehead to remind them to send you that email. Before you throw those sticky notes away, run the edge with the glue in between the keys of your keyboard. Crumbs and fuzz will get stuck, helping keep your keyboard working smoothly.

These cheap and easy tips should help you make having a computer just a little bit easier. You can contact Geek City or another local computer expert to help solve other problems you may encounter.

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