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Repairing A Tablet After Creative Hacking Accidents

As computers such as desktops, laptops and notebooks become more available, more people may be tempted to hack, mod (modify) or improve upon their device’s functions. Unfortunately, these attempts at creative tinkering can result in complete, seemingly irreversible failure. If you or someone using your computer has ruined the system beyond simple repair, consider a few troubleshooting techniques.

Observe The Problem Carefully

There are times when a broken tablet is simply changed from its standard working settings. You may be dealing with a stuck loading screen, a blank screen or even something that resembles your tablet, but with many missing features. 

Missing information and features

If your tablet looks different, but lacks some of your personal files, stop immediatelyYour tablet isn’t broken. While trying to hack or modify the system, you may have deleted your personal files and returned to the out-of-the-box setting, also known as factory default. Your data may be lost permanently, but a tablet repair technician can use a few deep industry techniques in order to recover your information.

Stuck at loading screen

If you’re stuck at a loading screen, your attempts at modifying the system may have caused a problem in the most important files that your tablet needs to start up. Thankfully, a factory reset can get your system up and running. A factory reset usually consists of holding down a specific button or set of buttons in order to bring the tablet back to life.

Look up the factory reset for your specific tablet. For your specific problem, try to find information about resetting when the tablet won’t load.

Black screen or screen won’t turn on

When you try to turn on the tablet, you may notice no change at all or the presence of a backlight on a black screen. Make sure that the device is charged and able to take a charge. The device may have lost battery power while being worked on for a long time, or the charger port may have been damaged. Try using a different battery, charger or plugging up the tablet to another wall socket.

Broken Hardware Could Be The Culprit

If you were trying to make physical changes–also known as hard-modding–to your tablet, there may be damaged or dislodged parts in the system.

Many hard-modding projects involve removing the case for the tablet and adding a new part or removing a specific part. Tablet computers are very small, and there are specific ribbons and wires that can be missed by a person who has not been trained to understand computer assembly.

Look for the guide that you used to make the changes and follow it verbatim. Look for anything that could have become loose or broken during the process, but avoid trying to fix any mistakes. As the guide explains how to put the system back together, follow every detail to the letter. If you’re missing something, make sure that you’re working on the correct model for the guide and consult other reassembly guides.

For assistance with tough tablet problems, contact a tablet repair technician.

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