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Is Your Computer Ready For Gaming?

Posted by on Dec 29, 2016 in Uncategorized |

There are a lot of computers competing for attention, but for something as specific and demanding as computer gaming, you’ll need to make sure that all of your computer parts are ready for the current and next generation of games. To understand what you need and to help avoid shopping mistakes when looking through well-marketed computers and services, here’s a bit of info about gaming computers and computing in general. What Is A Gaming Computer? The answer is a lot more complicated than “a computer that plays games.”  Gaming computers are specifically designed to handle the demands of high-definition, complex and file-rich applications/programs known as computer games. In addition to playing games, experienced gamers expect to be able to perform other functions while games are open. Since games are simply programs that deliver a playable interface in the form of the game, you’ll need to support the programs using the same resources as any other program. The processor needs to be fast enough to calculate everything that the program does, there needs to be enough hard drive space to hold the large files in the game, and the random-access memory (RAM) needs to be both fast enough and with enough capacity to transfer information between the hard drive and the processor. Put simply, you need a fast processor, a big, fast hard drive and a decent amount of fast RAM. How much is fast enough or big enough? Thankfully, you don’t need to calculate, since most games have system requirements that give a general idea of what gamers need to play their games. The online game Rift, for example, recommends 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory, a 2.2 gigahertz (GHz) dual core processor and at least 15 GB of storage drive space. There is one requirement that sets gaming computers apart from other computers: the video card. The Video Card Makes The Difference A video card or graphics card is basically a miniature computer dedicated to just graphics. It has a processor called a graphics processing unit (GPU) as opposed to the main computer’s processor, the central processing unit (CPU). Both the computer’s general resources and the video card share the burden of a game’s performance, though more sophisticated and modern computers are able to heap most of the burden onto the video card. The reason that most high-demand games won’t play on a powerful computer game with everything but a video card is because of specific instructions in a game that can only be interpreted (understood and made into action) by a video card, such as a shader instruction set.  If you happen to have a modern computer that has all of the other resources needed for your game of choice except a video card, simply get a video card that fits your computer. If you need help selecting a card, upgrading other parts of your computer, or want information on getting a dedicated gaming computer ready for current or upcoming games, contact a residential computer services...

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Working With Printed Circuit Boards

Posted by on Nov 27, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Tinkering with technology and pcb manufacturer parts can be exciting, but it can also be a little intimidating once you see the seemingly delicate circuit boards that are incorporated into the design of most electronic devices. Printed circuit boards are not nearly as delicate as they might appear to be, so working with these boards can be beneficial when you are trying to learn how to design and repair your technological devices. Here are three tips that you can use to help you more successfully work with printed circuit boards in the future. 1. Be methodical when it comes to keeping your work space organized. Working with printed circuit boards requires that you have access to many small parts and solder joins. A lot of the perceived difficulty that comes from working with printed circuit boards is centered around keeping track of these small accessories. By taking the time to be methodical in organizing your workspace, you will be able to keep your printed circuit board parts neat and tidy. This will help you feel less overwhelmed as you work to put together the circuit boards in the future. 2. Keep your printed circuit boards clean. Whenever you work with electronics, it’s important that you are taking the time to keep your circuit boards clean. This usually requires you to expose your circuit boards to a cleaning solution before and after you populate them with the appropriate components. Using some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab prior to population will help you keep the copper base of your printed circuit board clean and ready for soldering. Scrubbing your printed circuit boards gently with alcohol and a toothbrush after population and soldering will help you remove any excess joins that might affect the functionality of your circuit boards. 3. Install your low-lying components first. It can be helpful to plan out the order in which you will populate your printed circuit board with its various components before the installation process begins. Components have varying heights, and circuit boards can quickly become crowded during installation. By installing the low-lying components before you move on to the taller and bigger components, you ensure that you won’t have to work hard to place low-lying components in tight spaces. Understanding how to work with printed circuit boards can make it easier to work with your electronic devices in the future. Be sure to stay organized, keep your circuit boards clean, and plan out your installation to make working with circuit boards as simple as...

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Factors To Consider When Buying Internet Service

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When shopping for an internet plan, you are likely going to select the plan you obtain based on the price. However, there are other factors that should be considered to ensure you are providing your household with the best internet experience for the buck. A few factors and things to keep in mind when shopping for a new internet plan are the following: Equipment Limitations: Being able to utilize your own equipment can benefit you in two ways. One is that this will allow you to avoid having to rent equipment from your service provider, and this can help you save money each month. The second benefit that you can see from being able to use your own equipment is the ability to take advantage of any features and hardware that your personal modem or router has. This can help improve the signal strength and the speed of your internet, which can definitely help you get more for your money. Bandwidth Caps: Some internet service providers will slow internet speeds once you have reached a certain amount of data use for your billing cycle. This can definitely impact your internet speeds, especially if you watch a lot of online content in high resolution, which uses a large amount of data. So, keep this in mind, as you will want to seek a company that doesn’t have strict bandwidth caps on their plans. Upload and Download Speeds: If you want fast internet speeds, then looking at the upload and download MBPS is definitely important to do. These speeds will determine how fast files are downloaded and how quickly you can upload files onto the internet. Based on what your internet needs are, you will want to keep an eye on these two speeds. Also, if you plan on watching online content in high resolution, then you will want to stay in the range of 5-15 MPBS  just to be safe and ensure your internet speed won’t impact your streaming experience. Using and taking these tips into account when shopping for your new internet plan can definitely make it easier for you to shop with confidence, as you can be certain that you are getting the best internet speed and experience for your money. So, before shopping based strictly on the price of the plans you are considering, definitely be sure to take a minute to use these effective tips. For more information, contact your local internet service...

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3 Ways To Get The Most Life Out Of Your Phone Battery And Not Be Caught Dead-Handed

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016 in Uncategorized |

In an emergency, your phone will not do you much good with a dead battery. It can also be frustrating to have to make an important phone call and have the call cut off in the middle due to battery problems. This is why you will want to get the most life out of your battery and ensure that it is available when you need it most. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your phone’s battery and never be caught dead-handed: 1. Give Your Phone A Full Charge Before You Start Using It You may want to get the most out of your phone, and it is tempting to start using it right out of the box. However, this is something that can cause problems because the batteries of brand-new phones are often not fully charged. You may want to set the phone up first, but after you do that, you should start charging it and let it get a full charge before you start using it. This will help to ensure that the battery takes a full charge and to prevent completely draining the brand-new battery in your phone. 2. Do Not Let The Battery Go Completely Dead Before Recharging Letting the battery go completely dead is another way to quickly kill a phone battery. It can be a good idea to use a charging station to give your phone a little extra power when the phone is starting to go dead. This will prevent the phone from shutting off completely due to a lack of charge. You may also want to invest in a portable charging station and battery that you can put in a bag or in your car for emergency phone charging. 3. Be Careful With Over Charging That Can Quickly Kill Your Phone Battery Just like letting the battery go dead is not good, giving it too much of a charge can also burn up the cells in the battery. It is important not to put the phone on the charger when it is fully charged or right after it has been charged. In addition, once the battery has reached full capacity, unplug it from the charging station to avoid over-charging, which can severely reduce the capacity of your battery. These are some tips that can help you get the most out of your phone’s battery and never be caught dead handed. If you want to ensure your phone is always charged, get a charging station from a company like TYLT to keep the battery...

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Tips For Keeping Safe On The Roads When Working As A Bike Courier

Posted by on Aug 12, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Working as a bike courier is a desirable job because it keeps you in shape, avoids you feeling stuck behind a desk and provides unique challenges daily. You might drop off a package in one part of the city and then get a message that you need to pick up another package elsewhere in the city as soon as possible. This will leave you racing through the streets to serve your customers, but it’s important that you always make safety a priority. Keeping safe as a bike courier starts with wearing the right gear — helmet, knee pads and elbow pads — but extends to being smart on your bike. Here are some tips to ensure you always travel safely. Steer Wide Around Parked Cars One of the quickest ways for a bike courier to get injured is to be hit when a motorists opens the door on a parked car. It’s ideal to always be aware of parked cars and to leave as much room between your bike and the doors as possible. In heavy traffic conditions, this might be challenging. In this situation, look to see if anyone is seated in the car. If not, you can generally pass closely to the car; if you see someone, gauge his or her body movements, as they can suggest whether the person is about to open the door. When In Doubt, Ring Your Bell A bell is a close ally of any busy bike courier, as it allows him or her to alert others to his or her presence. There’s nothing rude about ringing your bell; a quick “ding” will clearly tell people that you’re approaching the area, whether it’s a crosswalk, a sidewalk or any other area in which there are lots of people. Be Smart In The Rain A rainy day can be challenging as a bike courier, but provided you’re wearing waterproof gear and taking some extra safety precautions, you’ll be okay. Do your best to avoid puddles; it’s hard to know how deep they are and a deep pothole filled with water could cause you to crash. Likewise, give yourself extra braking time and avoid following others too closely due to slippery roads. Make Eye Contact Even if you’re following the rules of the road concerning the right-of-way, there’s no guarantee that those around you are doing the same. Never assume that you know how a driver or pedestrian is going to react; whenever possible, make eye contact. A quick glance can often let you know about someone’s intended path, which means that you can quickly alter your course, as necessary, to avoid a...

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3 Pieces Of Equipment To Add To Your Home Theater System

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When it comes to creating the perfect movie room, many people want to include a home theater system. The effect of the home theater system makes you feel like you are in an actual movie theater and uses some pretty amazing technology to make it happen. This article will discuss 3 pieces of equipment to add to your home theater system.  Gaming System/Movie Player A home theater system is great for creating the perfect sound level. Because of this, the system is great for both watching movies and playing video games. Some gaming systems also double as movie players, and these are often the best pieces of equipment to hook up to your home theater system. Those who want to watch movies can enjoy the theater quality sound when they are watching their movie, and those who choose to use the sound system to play video games will really feel like they are in the game.  Speakers In The Walls  Your home theater system will come with several different speakers that you can place throughout the room. A great location for these speakers is within your actual walls. If you do this you can not only avoid you having to deal with hiding cords and maneuvering around them, but it allows you to place the speakers right at ear level. You can place these speakers at several different locations around the room, creating the perfect surround sound effect. No matter where someone is sitting in the room, they will have no problem hearing the sound from the movie that you are watching.  Hook It Up To A Projector If you really want create a room that feels like an actual movie theater, you will want to hook your home theater system up to a projector. This projector allows you to play movies on a huge screen on your wall, rather than just a television. This creates the feel of an actual theater, and the surround sound makes it sound like you are in a real theater as well. To create the projector image on your wall you will first need to install your projector onto the ceiling or place it at the back of the room. You can then either purchase a projector screen or you can use a special paint on your wall that works well at creating a great movie picture for you and your family to enjoy. To learn more, contact a company like A Tech...

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4 Ways To Deter Burglars From Your Home While You’Re On Vacation

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you’re someone who takes long vacations and worries about the safety of your home while you’re away, then you should take some precautions. Burglars will case out a house to see if there is anyone home. If they find out that no one is in the house for an extended period of time, then the home becomes an attractive target. If you don’t have someone that can house sit for you, then there are things you can do. Here is a list of 4 of the best methods to deter burglars. Cease Newspaper Delivery If you get newspapers delivered to your home, you should contact the delivery service and have them stop delivering during the time-frame that you’re away. It would be a good idea to also ask a neighbor or a friend to drop by and check to see if the papers were left. Sometimes the delivery service doesn’t abide by your request. Also, there are random supermarket fliers, as well as other advertisements that you have no control over, which might be dropped on your front step You could have your neighbor or friend pick them up. Sound Activated Artificial Dog Burglars are afraid of dogs. The sound of a barking dog is intimidating. You can get a device that will play a loud barking sound when it is activated. The device relies on a motion sensor. You can place them near windows, sliding doors, and other areas that a burglar might pass by. Time Activated Lights You don’t want to leave the lights on. A criminal who is watching from the street will find it odd that the lights in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room are left on 24/7. Instead, install a programmable light control device. You can plug these into your wall outlets and then plug a lamp into the device. The device will then turn the lamp on and off depending on how you choose to program it. That way there is a more natural rhythm to the lights. Outdoor Security Cameras Finally, you should install security cameras on the exterior of your home. This will be a major deterrent. Even if the burglar suspects that the home is empty, they won’t want to risk being on camera. Install the cameras over the front door, the rear door, and on the fascia so that they cover the ground floor windows. Any point of access to the house should have a camera aimed at it. While you can get tiny, unobtrusive cameras, it is probably best to pick cameras that are visible. You want thieves to see the camera. Part of their power is that they deter criminals. You can get cameras that have a blinking light, which signifies that they are actually working and not a dummy camera meant for show. The newer security cameras can record footage to the cloud. This is a great improvement over the old models that used VHS or hard drives that were located in your home. Once the footage is uploaded to the cloud the thieves cannot remove visual evidence that they were in your home. This will be helpful to the police in the event you are...

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Why Your Printer Is Slow

Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

A slow printer can slow down your workflow. Each page takes that much longer and your project might be delayed if you have to print a large number of pages. The fact that your printer is printing so slowly could be the result of an interference with the wireless signal or some other problem. Wireless Printers Are Slower If you own a wireless printer, you might notice that it is printing very slow. It is hard to print more quickly on a wireless printer than it is to print on a wired printer. If you are more concerned with printing more quickly than you are with having convenience, you might want to get a wired printer instead. Fortunately, most wireless printers come with a wire that can be used to connect the printer directly to the computer to allow for data to be transferred more quickly. If you are shopping for a wireless printer, look for one that is compatible with 802. 11n spec. This can rival the speed of a wired printer. The Printer Might Not Be Close Enough Placing a wireless printer closer to the computer from which it is printing for will lead to a stronger signal, which will make the printer faster. However, if you place the printer too close, this can actually interfere with the signal. Something Might Be Interfering With The Printer Do not point your router’s antennae toward power cords and other computer wires. There might also be certain 2.4 GHz wireless devices that can interfere with the wireless printer, such as wireless routers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, cordless phones and wireless video game controllers. Metal racks and walls that block the sight between the printer and the computer can slow down the print speed. Therefore, you might need to relocate the printer in order to get a stronger signal. Check The Signal Bars To determine if you have a good signal, check the signal strength bars to make sure they are not wildly oscillating. If so, press cancel and view the menu. You might be able to determine what is causing the erratic fluctuation in the signal. Other Factors That Can Affect Speed The speed might not have anything to do with the signal at all. For instance, the quality at which you are printing will also affect how quickly you can print. Also, laser printers are usually much faster than inkjet printers.  If you have checked and accounted for all of these issues and your printer is still too slow, contact a printer repair company to see if it needs to be fixed or...

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Home Technology To Cut Your Electric Bills

Posted by on Mar 12, 2016 in Uncategorized |

In your never-ending quest to cut your electric bills, you’ve tried to make sure to turn off lights when you leave a room, keep your device chargers unplugged when not in use, and keep your air conditioner turned up to a less-than-cool temperature. Still, your bills seem too high. Fortunately, you can purchase a few affordable tech gadgets to save more money. Plug-In Switches for Apps When you purchase these switches, you are able to monitor whatever appliance is plugged into the outlet with your smartphone and home WiFi. So, if you have a lamp plugged into one, you can monitor whether it is on or off and how much energy it is using at any time. You can also program your device to turn on and off at certain times each day. For instance, if you are working late, you can turn on the lights or the air minutes before you get home.  Charging Stations Charging stations help eliminate the power waste that occurs when devices are plugged in but are not turned on. Statistics show that up to 8% of your home’s electrical usage comes from these so-called  “phantom leaks.” These stations either automatically turn off when the devices, such as your phone or tablet, are fully charged or turn off after a specified period of time. Using these devices lowers your energy usage and makes your life more convenient at the same time.  Occupant Sensing Light Switch When you were growing up, you may have heard your parents continually say, “Turn off the lights when you leave a room.” Now that you are the adult, you may hear yourself say the same thing to no avail. Instead of getting angry, consider purchasing these light switches that can actually sense when someone enters the room or leaves it. That way, you can stop worrying if your children are leaving the lights on all day and night, a practice that really adds to your electric bill.  Purchasing some of the new technical gadgets on the market can make your electrical bill less of a shock. You are no longer at the mercy of your memory when it comes to managing your electrical devices. If you forget to turn off the lights or unplug your phone, you can count on these tech breakthroughs to do the job for you. You will have to make an initial financial investment, but most of these devices are reasonably priced and offer you significant savings. For more information or ideas, consider contacting companies like Meserve...

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Setting Up Your Home Office

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have decided to set up an office in your home, then you want to make sure you set it up for comfort, convenience and productivity. This article will offer you the information you need to set your home office up in a way that will work out best for your needs. Invest in the right desk and chair Shop around for a desk that meets your needs the best. One that fits in the corner may be a good choice if you spend a lot of time on the computer. A desk that faces forward will be good if you are going to have clients coming in to speak with you. An L shaped desk will work if you need a lot of space to work on. Also, spend time siting and rolling around in a few different office chairs before committing to one. You want to know you are going to be as comfortable as possible on those days when you will be spending hours in that chair. If you have back problems, make sure you get a chair with extra lumbar support. Add shelving to the office The more shelving you put up on the walls, the less need you will have for a lot of bookcases and filing cabinets. This frees the space in your home office up for other uses. When you do add filing cabinets to the space, you may want to choose to start with tall ones, even if you don’t feel you need them at the moment. This way, you have enough room to expand without purchasing other ones and taking up floor space. Install all the lines and power sources necessary Make sure you have power outlets on all the walls so you always have access to the electricity you need for your office equipment. You should also set it up with a wireless router and land lines. Have surge protectors plugged in the outlets so your electronics will be protected in care of a power surge. Set it up with the proper equipment You want to make sure you have all the office equipment you’re going to need. This includes your computer, the right phone system for your needs, chargers for any devices you need to keep charged throughout the day and a color laser multifunction printer. Look for the printer that has all the functions you need, such as scanning, copying and faxing. Look with affordable providers, such as Royal Business Systems, Inc. Once you have your home office all set up, you can being doing business in a comfortable environment without the need to even leave your home to go to work each day....

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Why A Small Business Owner Should Get Time & Attendance Software

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Is your small business going well, such that it is now necessary to hire employees to help out? Before hiring your employees, you may want to invest in time and attendance software to manage them without experiencing a lot of stress. Find out in this article what you should know about time and attendance software so you can decide if it is a good investment for your small business. What Makes Time & Attendance Software Ideal for a Business Owner? When you hire employees, it is important to keep track of their attendance so you can make sure your payroll records are accurate. Trying to keep track of your employee’s attendance manually can consume a lot of time and lead to calculation mistakes. Time and attendance software is ideal because it will give you a program that makes it easy for your employees to clock in. The software will track their attendance down to the minute so you can make sure each of them is showing up to work on time. The software will also keep track of when employees leave work as they clock out through the program. Time and attendance software will make it difficult for employees to say that they worked overtime when they actually didn’t. Keeping accurate attendance records can help you avoid losing business profits from overpaying employees. Having computerized records can also help in the event that you are accused of underpaying an employee in a court dispute. How Does Time & Attendance Software Benefit Employees? Time and attendance software will be beneficial to your employees in several ways. For instance, your employees will have the ability to request time out through the software program. Depending on the type of time and attendance software that you invest in, your employees will be able to access it through their phone or portable device (tablet, laptop) for convenience. Allowing your employees to request time off through the software will also help you manage work scheduling more efficiently. The software will also allow your employees to request overtime without having to ask you in person. You will find that sometimes employees like to put in extra hours during the holiday season, or simply to make extra money for something personal. Handling overtime requests through the software program can give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Invest in time and attendance software as soon as possible to make sure it is in place when you begin hiring employees! Talk to a company like SmartLinx Solutions LLC to learn...

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